Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

Is there anything more intimidating in the world of parenting than the idea of talking to your children about sex? When do I talk to them? What do I say? Are they ready? Am I ready?

In my conversations with parents about this topic, I like to remind them to keep it simple: basic biology and your values.

Start there.

The biology remains the same from family to family, but the values do not…so take some time to consider exactly what your family values are…your core beliefs about sex. What do you want your children to understand THE MOST about sex after growing up in your home? Answering that question will start you on the path to knowing what your values are and being able to state them clearly.

This is what I call “Your Message”… and I believe it is the essential first step to shaping your child’s sexual character.

Every day our culture bombards our children with its own messages about sex, and most of those messages are degrading and disturbing. As parents we need to find our voice, and for our children’s sake, speak up!

As you follow this blog, you’ll find suggestions and encouragement for these vital conversations with your children. My point of reference will be for parents of children in the pre-school to pre-teen ages.

First conversations.

First impressions.

These can be powerful and meaningful moments that you will not want to miss.

Life can be so complicated, and as a parent, this subject can be particularly daunting. Let’s see if we can’t make it a little simpler, and so much better.

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