When will I be able to watch the videos?

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email with your access code for watching the videos. You will have a 60-day viewing license from the date of purchase for accessing the videos. Be sure to subscribe to Birds & Bees emails so you receive all of the communication and your video access code.

When will I receive my Birds & Bees Notebook?

Most Hosts and Gathering Participants will receive their printed notebook within 5 days of their purchase. In the first email you receive from Birds & Bees, you also will gain access to download a digital version of the Notebook so you’ll be able to review it right away. 

How long are the videos?

The videos take one hour to view. The information in the videos is the same as what you would receive at a live event with Mary Flo or Megan speaking, which is approximately one hour.


When will I receive my Birds & Bees Discussion Guide Workbook?

We’ll mail that out to you very soon after receiving your order.

How do I join the Host Community?

Visit us on Facebook to request access to this special group: 

https://www.facebook.com/groups/112562659484185/ We’ll look forward to connecting with you there. Please share your ideas and photos of how you hosted your gathering and the time together connecting with parents. 

Any Other Questions?

Please email megan@birds-bees.com