I just bought the Birds & Bees course, how do I watch it?

Once you purchase, you will receive two emails from Birds & Bees: the order confirmation email and (about 10 minutes after purchase) your login information email. You will create a login using your email and password you created. You can access the videos through your email or by clicking the "Log In" button on birds-bees.com

How long do I have access to the course?

The Birds & Bees online course has UNLIMITED access! We want you to watch at your own pace and revisit as needed. Take all the time you need.

What's the format and length of course content?

The total viewing time for the Birds & Bees online course is just under 90 minutes. Each session is a short, practical video that ranges from 2-12 minutes, we know parents are busy!

Can I watch with friends?

Yes! The tough stuff of parenting doesn't have to be done alone! Get together with your spouse, small group, supper club, etc. (That said, sharing your log in account information with other families is prohibited and may result in losing access to your account)

*If you're interested in hosting a larger group with an organization, please see our Large Group Package.

What age is this for?

Our target audience is PARENTS of kids ages 1-10. It can still be beneficial for parents of tweens.

Can Megan or Mary Flo speak to my school/church/parent organization?

Yes! We love speaking to parents. Fill out the form on the Contact page and we'll get back to you.

Can I just listen to the course?

Yes! You can log in on your phone. The video will be playing but you can just pop in those airpods and listen like a podcast.

My child is 11 - will the course still be helpful?

Yes! We think it will still be helpful. While some of the information or examples may not be relevant there is so much content that will be helpful. We like to say, "early is best but later is better than never." We do offer a 30-day full refund if you are dissatisfied.

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