By God's Design

By God's Design

Whether you are explaining birth, reproduction, or conception, I have found the easiest way begin a response to young children’s questions is with these 3 words:

By God’s design...”

Letting these words lead the way allows you and your child to enter into the WONDERof it all!

“By God’s design, a baby has a special place to grow called the uterus.”

“By God’s design,  this is how the baby leaves the uterus (or womb) and is born.”

“By God’s design, there are seeds or eggs deep inside of every living thing.”

“By God’s design, a husband and wife were made to be one."

Perhaps one ofthe perplexing parts of talking to your children about sex is knowing how to even start your first sentence. When Dave and I were searching for a way to begin those conversations, these three words served us well. We found security in the fact that the original idea of sex was not of our own making.

Hollywood didn’t think it up it either.

Every part of sex… the simple and the complex, has a Designer, and His design includes purpose, and creativity. When we start with Him and His design, it all becomes much less complicated.

If your parenting style doesn’t include the element of faith, you might like the phrase, “By design…”. The design of reproduction with seeds and eggs is such a foundational thought for conversations with young children. 

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