Where do babies come from?

…We will give you words and confidence for these conversations.


The Talk Is Outdated

Birds & Bees exists to empower parents to talk to their kids about sex in a healthy way. Simply, we give parents the tools to be the best parents they can be, even in the hardest and most daunting topic of all.


We have a very energetic and enthusiastic child who asks a lot of questions, so it’s been challenging at times. But if I hadn’t had this, I honestly don’t know what I would have said in those moments.

Ashley B., Mom of 2 Girls

What’s great about the program is that it teaches us to be proactive, and not reactive. With a topic as daunting as sex, we all need help! It gave us just the right words to say, and the confidence to say them. Now, we are so grateful that our children come to us when they have questions, not to their friends or to a computer. It has really changed our relationship with our kids and the way we approach that topic.

Betsy D., Mom of 2 Boys

I was nervous, but then I encountered some of the material from The Birds and The Bees, and I was pleased to find out that there is a way to come at this conversation that wasn’t awkward or scary. It was right where the kids were at developmentally and mentally, which removed the fear of going into the conversation with them.

Dave S., Dad of 4 Kids

What if children grew up knowing the value and purpose of sex instead of being influenced by the culture’s confusing and degrading messages?

Here at The Birds and The Bees we want to empower parents and give you the help to have foundational conversations with your children, that include your values and the basic biology.

Three Simple Options

Individual Session

Individual in-home viewing for those who would rather tackle this topic on their own.

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In-Home Group Gathering - Host

The tough stuff of parenting doesn't have to be done alone! Gather your friends, small group, supper club, and do this with your community.

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Organization Gathering

Build a parenting event around the Birds & Bees on-demand video series for your school, church MOPS group, PTA etc.

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*all options are for parents only; not for viewing with children

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