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These conversations start at a young age

Birds and Bees gives you simple, foundational conversations that will shape your child’s sexual health for years to come.


Watch a preview of our 50-minute online video curriculum!

Just press play and check out what we're all about here at the Birds & Bees! After watching our full curriculum, you'll be equipped to answer your kids' tough questions. Our kids deserve more than an awkward talk at an awkward age! 

Endorsed by Pediatricians

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"Mary Flo's expert teaching on introducing the topic of sex has proven incredibly beneficial to me not only as a father but also as a pediatrician. Her teaching encourages others to see these conversations as an opportunity to instill truth. Mary Flo has encouraged me to be able to communicate with and encourage parents of my pediatric patients. It has changed my practice and improved my discussions with families on these very important and life-altering topics."

- Dr. Drew Goldsmith, MD Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

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“Mary Flo and Megan have identified a topic that is uncomfortable for most families.  Their incredibly thoughtful approach encourages parents.  It gives parents the permission to make mistakes while also reminding them to "circle back." Encouraging parents to communicate confidently is such a gift.  And the Birds & the Bees have done it well!”

- Dr. Hillary Lewis, Pediatrician

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As a mom and pediatrician, I understand that parenting can sometimes be scary and stressful. Talking to your kids about sex can be intimidating! The Birds & Bees curriculum breaks down a scary topic into simple, matter-of-fact, age appropriate conversations for all parents to have with their kids. I highly recommend Birds & Bees!”

- Dr. Zulma Laracuente

The 6 Steps in the Birds & Bees Curriculum:

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STEP 1 | Create your Family Message

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STEP 2 | Learn the Anatomical Vocabulary

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STEP 3 | Tell the Birth Story

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STEP 4 | Explain the Beauty of Reproduction

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STEP 5 | Teach The Design Of Conception

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STEP 6 | Continue The Conversation

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About Mary Flo & Megan

For over 30 years, Mary Flo Ridley has been sharing this empowering message with thousands of parents all over the world. Joined now with Megan Michelson (who has three young children of her own!), they partner to share this message in a relevant, light-hearted way.

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What Parents Are Saying

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“If I hadn’t watched the Birds & Bees videos, I honestly don’t know what I would have said in those moments.”

- Ashley, mom of two girls

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“The Birds & Bees gave us just the right words to say and the confidence to say them.”

- Betsy, Mom of two boys

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