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  • You want your child to learn about sex from you, NOT their friends or the internet
  • You want to handle this differently than your parents did, but don’t know how
  • You want CLEAR direction and a PLAN to tackle this topic
  • You want to build open and safe communication in your family
  • You want to protect your kids from the sex saturated culture

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Learn what to say and when to say it.

We created our curriculum with tired and busy parents in mind! Each session takes just a few minutes to watch and will give you practical, easy-to-use tools and leave you feeling equipped, empowered and even excited.

SESSION ONE: Family Message

Before parents start talking to their kids about sex, they need to figure out exactly what they want to say. We help you find your voice, your values. Each family is different and will have a different answer to the question, “what do I want my kids to know about sex if they’re

SESSION TWO: Vocabulary

We’ll walk through the reasons why it’s important to use medical and respectful vocabulary with our kids and easy ways to start. That’s right, “penis” and “vagina” amongst other several other words… You can do it!


“How is that baby getting out of there?” is typically one of the first tricky questions kids will ask their parents. Your answer can help set the tone for all future conversations. We will walk you through sample scripts to help you answer this question like a pro!

SESSION FOUR: A Pause for Porn

This session is not as peppy as it sounds, but it is SO IMPORTANT. Learn how to protect your kids from the dangers of technology. Don’t be scared, be prepared!

SESSION FIVE: Reproduction

We walk through the reproduction of all living things and help our kids see that seeds and eggs create new life. Lots of sample conversations and practical tips.

SESSION SIX: Conception

“Where do babies come from” This is the most daunting question parents face and we will hit it head on. We know that you know the answer, but you will learn exactly what to say and what not to say.

SESSION SEVEN: Continuing the Conversation

How do we keep the conversation going once we’ve covered the basics? Learn simple ways to be an engaged parent who speaks up and speak into their child.

SESSION EIGHT: Faith (optional)

Do you want to share a biblical understanding of sex with your children? Then this session is for you! Mary Flo teaches practical ways to teach beautiful truths to our children.

SESSION NINE: FAQ with Megan & Mary Flo

FAQ with Megan & Mary Flo: We answer our most frequently asked questions, “When do siblings stop bathing together?” “My child keeps touching himself” “How do I talk about adoption or IVF?”

SESSION TEN: Resources

We share our favorite books, websites and other tools to help empower and equip parents.

THE DISCUSSION GUIDE: Birds & Bees Takes Flight

40 pages full of discussion questions! This digital guide enhances the online course through intentional questions that help adults (spouses, small groups, etc) personalize the information.

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